Know Me A Little More :)


18.I love reading,Listening to a lot of music and I never took this writing thing seriously.I am the girl you might find sitting next to you, lost in her own deep thoughts, observing too many things happening around her and as quite as the ocean.But there are a lot of things happening inside the quite ocean.A lot of things rotating around my brain.So instead of keeping it inside,I took all those imaginations out of my brain and wrote them on a piece of paper.

 I Really would love to write  good (I really dont like being bad.So no bad about anyone) about everything.Maybe I can’t open my mouth and speak my heart out in public,but I really would love to write my imagination,and I will try to show you the world i see from my writing.    &

 My pen,My book and my Imaginations are enough to prove many people wrong.

You need more than imaginations.

Thank you for even opening and reading this page.

Happy Reading 🙂

181 thoughts on “Know Me A Little More :)

  1. I felt as if I am reading about myself here! Can totally relate to you! It is so easy to express our thoughts with full honesty while writing. That honesty and creativity is just impossible to come out while talking to someone! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog which led me to this beautiful blog of yours. 🙂 Now off to read more of your posts 🙂 Nice to meet you, Drishti 🙂

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  2. Nice to meet you here…keep writing. The writing will slowly lead you to bigger things…and who knows someday, you will be seen on television addressing a few hundred thousand people 🙂 Good Luck 🙂 Am a follower from like ‘right now’ 🙂

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  6. This might be random but I will still say it. You have such an elegant name that goes well with your personality (who gave you the name? mom or dad). You are able to write things the way they really are. So, here are couple lines for that:
    दृष्टि है तुम्हारी निराली,
    जिस और देखे उसका मतलब निकाले,
    फिर चाहे वो चीज़ हो खाली.
    Hope you like it, just came into my mind as I was typing this comment hahah.

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