Know Me A Little More :)


18.I love reading,Listening to a lot of music and I never took this writing thing seriously.I am the girl you might find sitting next to you, lost in her own deep thoughts, observing too many things happening around her and as quite as the ocean.But there are a lot of things happening inside the quite ocean.A lot of things rotating around my brain.So instead of keeping it inside,I took all those imaginations out of my brain and wrote them on a piece of paper.

 I Really would love to write  good (I really dont like being bad.So no bad about anyone) about everything.Maybe I can’t open my mouth and speak my heart out in public,but I really would love to write my imagination,and I will try to show you the world i see from my writing.    &

 My pen,My book and my Imaginations are enough to prove many people wrong.

You need more than imaginations.

Thank you for even opening and reading this page.

Happy Reading 🙂

181 thoughts on “Know Me A Little More :)

  1. Your beautiful eyes so clear,It looked like a little teddybear,So sweet and harmless,It would light up the darkness,Look in her unique eyes And you’ll see she’s very wise…with This genuine beautiful smile of yours delicate and mild, Can soothe senses and tempers gone wild. A raging storm with ease you can calm, That smile of yours is ever so warm. these were the line that strike my mind when i saw your pic everything by u is so beautifully described … i read few post of ur and trust me girl the way u play with the words is simply amazing

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  2. Hey,
    You have got a great blog here.

    17? You are way too young. At that time, I was may be still trying to learn alphabets. By young I mean, you are doing a far better job at writing. And you write poems. Come on. I need to shut down my blog. (Totally envying you, right now). 😛

    If you are sitting beside me, you would find another guy lost in thoughts. I mean I am lost everywhere.

    You really write well. Like I said earlier, you are too young to be that good. You would give a run for my blog. -_-

    PS : I was just reading this when you followed my blog. So thanks for that and also the like spree. I appreciate it.

    Keep writing.:)
    Take Care. 😀

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    • Hey,
      I’ve read your comment a 100 times,and I feel so good,Yes I’m 17 and I don’t think my poems are any good.
      And it feels so nice that you too are a guy who is lost in thoughts like I am.
      You write really well too,and I’m not so young.
      Thanks for following my blog,Keep writing.
      Takecare. 🙂

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      • Hey there again,
        100 times? Wow. I hope I didn’t make any spelling mistakes. 😛
        You’re poems are great. You know what the best part is, you write them in Hindi and English. I mean, come on who does that 17. So, that’s a pretty great achievement ( in progress ).

        *virtual handshake to the girl lost in her thoughts*

        You’re too kind to say that. I don’t. 🙊
        And you’re young in age,matured beyond age in writing. So, yes. You’re not so young, in writing.

        My pleasure. 🙂
        Yeah, you too.
        Take care yourself. 🙂

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      • Hey,
        You write really great too,your short poems are really beautiful.
        It is the first time I’ve written in Hindi.
        *Virtually handshakes back*
        You do write good,I would really like to know your age and name.
        Takecare. 🙂

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      • Hey again,
        Why thank you. You’re being very sweet. It’s just random rambling, and it didn’t make much sense either. 🙊
        Well, you’ve done a great job. 👍
        *acknowledges the handshake*
        See, you are being nice again.
        I’m old. 🙊😣
        24. See, I told you old. 🙈
        I’d love to tell my name, but I’m being anonymous. So, really sorry about that. But you can call me “AK”.

        Take care yourself. 🙂
        Keep writing. 😀

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      • Hey,
        You make a lot of sense in your poems,you’re just unaware of that.
        You too do a great job,by writing such nice poems,Keep doing that.
        And you’re young,24 is young too.
        It’s totally alright that you’re being anonymous,I’ll call you AK. 😊😊
        Takecare of yourself AK. 😀

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      • Hey again,
        Aren’t you kind? Thank you very much. I hope to keep up with every word you said. 😊
        Come on, 24 is old, like last generation. 😣
        Oh ok. Cool. 👍
        Thanks. You too. 😊

        PS : Sry for spamming your about me comment section. 🙊

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  3. A lovely blog…totally enjoyed though I’ve read only a few posts☺ so glad I bumped into this blog while searching for a few poetry posts on my reader☺☺☺….Poetry is a special gift and I happy you are using your talent in the right way…it’s nice to know you are only 17…..great thoughts at a young age☺☺

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  4. I wonder what would it be like to sit next to a girl who is silent but is wondering and observing a lot of things silently. That was something I though when I read your “about” and thought of writing as it is.

    I like this blog. Looking forward to read amazing stuff here. 🙂

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  5. Hi Simplehead

    I enjoyed reading your poems. If you don’t mind corrections, as you stated in an earlier post here, follow a comma (,) with a space. Also, it’s not necessary to capitalize the first letter after a comma as it is after a period… Unless a capital is necessary for the word anyway.

    Reading, as you say, is one of my favorite things to enjoy. not only have I learned a lot from books of all sorts but learned punctuation much better than school could pound into my brain at the time.

    Keep up the good writing.


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    • Hello Russell,
      Yes, I agree I’ve made many mistakes in my posts. I’ll try to correct them in the next posts I none.
      I love reading too,but I focus on the story or say contentin the boom more than the commas and full stops.
      Do you write too?


  6. Dear Simpleheadgirl…

    You are a beautiful young woman, smart and full of life, waiting for your true love to come along and sweep you from your feet, to carry you off on your life’s journey… The one you have been dreaming and writing about for so long now.

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      • Hi Simplehead… No, you don’t know me, but I know that, like you, I used to have so many dreams and thoughts about who my true love would be when I was your age. I couldn’t wait for that special girl to fall into my life. I used to write poems, like you, (yours are much better) about the same things you write about. Then, when I finally did fall in love with my first true love at 17, we found that we both loved to write poetry to each other. It helps express the huge feelings we have when we are younger and in love, or when waiting for love. No one can tell someone who is waiting for their true love
        to be patient.

        But you also write good poems of love for your friends and family. You have a big, nice heart. Be patient ; ) and it will happen.

        Happy new year…


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      • Thankyou so much Russel,
        I apologize for a late comment reply, I have been a little busy since a few weeks.
        Why dont you post some of your written poems?
        It would be my pleasure to read them,
        Even though I don’t know you, you are a lovely person (From my prespective)
        I don’t really plan and write poems, they just happen, love,family,friends it’s my hearts decision.
        Take care,


  7. Hi Simple Head.

    You asked if you knew me.
    I replied…. you did not.
    And should I speak freely,
    your surprise may be a lot.

    At times you may see me,
    at others you may not.
    it’s simply in our dreamings
    when we walk and talk a lot.

    Dream walkers.

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  8. Dear Drishti…
    Do you like bread? ; ) You are not only very lovely, beautifully cute, but you have really nice toes – and feet to go with them. But even better, you have a wonderfully great good sense of humor, which is what makes the world go around. All in all, you are the perfect woman for your pick of a really good guy of your choosing. If I were younger and nearer, and had some good brains, you would be my everyday prey. And every night I would pray that you would notice me and like me. You have mischief in your eyes and they are looking for just a little bit of trouble… Not too much, but enough to have fun with. Don’t waste a second of your time on someone who doesn’t make you wonderfully happy in love all of the time. And don’t settle for second best or even almost best… Demand THE best for you. In the nice way you do.
    A hundred, various colored, wonderful scented roses to you, Dear.

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    • Dear Russell,
      I’m out of words after reading your comment,
      Thankyou for so many compliements you given to me.
      The right person will come to love me at the right time,I currently have no hurries to find him or let him find me!


  9. Hello Drishti…

    How are you doing lately? Are you excelling at your school work while thinking about the poems in your head in the back of your mind. You women are so good at doing multiple things in your brains at the same time. Men certainly have a disadvantage with that. But singleminded focus, is also, sometimes, an advantage in some certain situations. I suppose it averages out between women and men at some point… Teamwork is the key. Using the best skills of everyone on the team is the key to success in most situations. Never underestimate the ones who some consider to be without anything to contribute to the group or situation. They may surprise you in ways no one would have expected. The magic of bringing out those suppressed skills in some is to encourage and support the quiet ones who do not believe in themselves. The magic happens then.


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  10. You run quite a blog here. Fascinated by your work. Earned my support through a follow for i am stunned by your page.Keep going! – Cezane 🙂

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