A thousand words,A hundred lies,
You’ve said them all so wise,
A hundred hearts,
Were Broken and scattered,
A hundred dreams,
All shattered with time,
A hundred jokes,
Made me laugh,Made me smile,
And a hundred tears,
I’ve cried all night,
A hundred roses,
With thrones,you’ve given me,
A hundred songs,
I’ve heard in your voice,
A hundred streets,
I’ve been scared to walk with you,in my dreams,
A hundred poems,
About you,I didn’t want to write,
A hundred friends,
But none there when I need them,
A hundred moments,A hundred memories,
They all haunt me everytime,
I see you,I look at you,
And in a hundred years,
You’ll be gone,
Buried in the ground,
Without any bounds,
All this while,I’ve been too quiet,
In my speech And my words,
But after a hundred minutes,
I’m the rainbow,over my empty blue sky.

67 thoughts on “Inarticulate.

  1. My apologies. I saw you on my comment board and came on your site. It said I was following you but I wasn’t getting any notifications. This happened to me before and I know it has happened to others as well. My apologies again.


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