A thousand words,A hundred lies,
You’ve said them all so wise,
A hundred hearts,
Were Broken and scattered,
A hundred dreams,
All shattered with time,
A hundred jokes,
Made me laugh,Made me smile,
And a hundred tears,
I’ve cried all night,
A hundred roses,
With thrones,you’ve given me,
A hundred songs,
I’ve heard in your voice,
A hundred streets,
I’ve been scared to walk with you,in my dreams,
A hundred poems,
About you,I didn’t want to write,
A hundred friends,
But none there when I need them,
A hundred moments,A hundred memories,
They all haunt me everytime,
I see you,I look at you,
And in a hundred years,
You’ll be gone,
Buried in the ground,
Without any bounds,
All this while,I’ve been too quiet,
In my speech And my words,
But after a hundred minutes,
I’m the rainbow,over my empty blue sky.


I often wondered what a magicland would look like,
I thought it would exsist in books and movies,
But you came into my life,like a ray of light,
You held my hand tight,we took a few turns in our journey together,
Before we found magicland.

The houses in magicland,light up into colours at night,
The people are like us,they’re in love,
But they say we’re too young,and should not rush up,
We ignore their smart remarks and walk into the woods,
The river that flows by,is the best place to meet you,
We sit on the rock,near the waterfall,
Getting lost into each other’s hearts.

You hug me everytime we meet,
I know you’ll never leave me,I can tell how you feel,
A part of me never thought that I’d be in love,
And we’d be in this magicland.

But,in this magicland,We both lost control,
And you left me all alone,I realized;
What I had when you were mine,
But It’s too late to get you back,
Because I have woken up from my dream now,
And you are in heaven asleep now.