What It Is Meant For.

Eyes were meant to see,They also
make your vision blur,and
your mind slur if you see too
much,so closely,and mouth was
made for you to speak,it could
put you in trouble,if you spoke
the truth,and hands were meant
to hold people and things you loved,
they could also make you break them
with sanity,and the ears,they were
meant to hear beautiful things,they
could also break your heart,if you listen to people too much,and the heart,it was meant to beat and
keep you alive,but it was also made
to love,and love isn’t beautiful as it seems,It’s a scary thing that could make your heart stop eventually,but your love?
Your love stays with me when you can’t.

33 thoughts on “What It Is Meant For.

  1. I just can’t stop reading. Such a riveting piece wrapped up in irony. Love crosses all boundaries and let’s us bask in the true glory of it all. Encompassing the nooks and crannies of such an enchanting feeling is truly noteworthy.

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