Simple Short Stories.

Motivational Skills:

“I am angry on you.”He said.
“But why?”she asked.
“Because,you stopped writing Idiot.”he said with a smile.
How wrong was she about his MOTIVATIONAL SKILLS.


“He is creepy,he came outside college.”Said her friend
“It made me realize,he can do anything to get me,I Love Him.”She said.
She had finally CONFESSED to herself.


Hidden secrets,endless talks;
He loved her,but never said;
It wasn’t lack of guts,It was his FEAR of losing a true friend.


“What has hit you?”He asked her,when he wasn’t able to find his best friend in her.
The TRUTH“She replied.
Some things when said we’re the best.


“I miss you.”
“I’ll be here soon.”said his heart to her.
Who said you need to speak when you want to share your FEELINGS.

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