What It Is Meant For.

Eyes were meant to see,They also
make your vision blur,and
your mind slur if you see too
much,so closely,and mouth was
made for you to speak,it could
put you in trouble,if you spoke
the truth,and hands were meant
to hold people and things you loved,
they could also make you break them
with sanity,and the ears,they were
meant to hear beautiful things,they
could also break your heart,if you listen to people too much,and the heart,it was meant to beat and
keep you alive,but it was also made
to love,and love isn’t beautiful as it seems,It’s a scary thing that could make your heart stop eventually,but your love?
Your love stays with me when you can’t.

Simple Short Stories.

Motivational Skills:

“I am angry on you.”He said.
“But why?”she asked.
“Because,you stopped writing Idiot.”he said with a smile.
How wrong was she about his MOTIVATIONAL SKILLS.


“He is creepy,he came outside college.”Said her friend
“It made me realize,he can do anything to get me,I Love Him.”She said.
She had finally CONFESSED to herself.


Hidden secrets,endless talks;
He loved her,but never said;
It wasn’t lack of guts,It was his FEAR of losing a true friend.


“What has hit you?”He asked her,when he wasn’t able to find his best friend in her.
The TRUTH“She replied.
Some things when said we’re the best.


“I miss you.”
“I’ll be here soon.”said his heart to her.
Who said you need to speak when you want to share your FEELINGS.


My blog turns one year old today!

It’s such a happy feeling,Being the person who only read books and books all day,I’m amused at my lazy self,for never giving up on writing.I never really thought I could get past reading books,but when I discoverd WordPress,I craved to write something good.

In this one year,my life has seen so many changes which reflects on my blog.Yes,You write about your life,the things you see in your life,the ideas that come in your mind,and then you write them on a paper.

Thankyou to my critic,my Best friend,who had read everything what I have written and approved my writings,before I publish them.Apart from correcting my spellings,she hasn’t ever disapproved of any of my blog.

And Thankyou to all my readers,who read my posts and send me so much of appreciation,it’s such a beautiful feeling when people relate to what I write.I really wish to hug everyone who takes out their time to read my posts and comment on it. 🙂

When I first came across WordPress,I thought I could read novels,but there was better than that,it was creativity.I saw minds and life’s of so many people which was there in a single website.Maybe that’s how I discoverd I could write too.

But,that’s not simple head girl who discoverd WordPress.It was Drishti.

Now let’s talk about the journey it has been for simpleheadgirl:

Trying to be the tech savy person she wasn’t a year ago,her antic computer has deleted many of her posts after she saved them and her phone has auto corrected and spoiled many of spellings.(You have to go through this)

Being the passive sagitarian she is.She has always been different,observing too many strangers,dreaming out of imaginations,she is often found looking at stars and being lost in the beauty of its glitter and sparks.

She has written many posts about love,there is so much of love to give and receive is what she thinks.She always does what she loves,and is in love with what she is doing.


She is a crazy person,Who makes her best friend read so many poems and then posts only one of them,Thanks Simi for talking my tantrums and not ever complaining,I love you.


She thinks too much,no wait.She over thinks and over thinks,before writing and after writing.She has a constant fear that people will judge her.And this keeps her away from writing most of the time.

But the best part is when she receives all your lovely comments which encourage her so much,and people who like what she has been writing brings a smile to ger face.She loves reading and is now a WordPress addict as she spends most of her time reading everyone’s posts.

She did a happy dance when each one of these came to her notification box.





It’s been a year’s journey for the girl who has a simple head,who thinks everything when expressed in a simple way makes it beautiful and easy to understand.


And more over,she has no hair color on her head,no silver hair,maybe that is why she is a simple head. 🙂