Simple Head Girl.

   I have always been different,observing too many strangers,dreaming out of my imaginations,deriving patterns out of clouds,Looking at stars and being lost in the beauty of its glitter and sparks.I do strange things,I love collecting bookmarks,the smell of new books has always fascinated me,And when I’m sad,it’s too late when I realize that I’ve eaten a lot of chocolate.I love to melt down icecream in my mouth before gulping it in.

My heart takes me to calmer place,but my mind is never quite,I keep thinking of different scenarios,and stories,or the books I have read and have to read come into my mind a lot of times,my music takes me to a wonderland,where I get lost in the symphony of voices.

I can’t help but notice secrets hidden in people’s eyes,their facial expressions and smiles are a gateway to what they think,but most of the time it’s their sparkling eyes,with hidden dreams to ignite.I envy happy people,because they hide their pains inside them,and make others laugh with joy,I love watching silent tear trickle down their face when they laugh uncontrollably.

I’m crazy most of the time,In the middle of the conversation when two potter-heads (Harry potter fans) are talking I end up saying “I’m a simple-head”,and laugh seeing their annoyed faces,I laugh when a suddenly a funny memory comes to my mind,and I laugh uncontrollably even when my friend cracks a lame joke.

I’m a confused soul.I am always confused about what clothes I should buy or which dish I should try,shopping is not one of my favourite things to do,I get annoyed when I go out shopping.I have to keep so many things in my mind,that I rather find myself sipping coffee and reading novels than finishing things to do.

I’m happily twisted,in my own little place.I always have a book in my hand that I’m reading at that moment,I can’t resist how each page unfolds a hidden secret or I feel like a detective trying to solve the hidden mystery with each turn of the page.

I imagine a lot of things,I behave like a child a lot of times,especially when I’m painting,Sometimes I paint the paper dark blue and blow white paint over it to make it look like stars,or make something so colourful that even I cannot understand,but it feels like the colours talk to me like old friends reuniting.

More than all this I love writing,my love for writing began when I was 16,I thought WordPress was a place where I could read novels,as I was forbidden from buying paper copies of novels,but it was then I discovered I could write out of all that I had read in books and newspapers,it was my chance to try something new.

I write because it’s something exciting,I write because I want to create something good,it is something I can do without whining,I could write all my life with the purest heart,I wanted to be anonymous,but it wasn’t possible for a long time.

But here I am,Simple head girl,who is truly In love with music,deeply into writing and madly in love with reading.

P.S-I’m not self obsessed,just came up with this.


49 thoughts on “Simple Head Girl.

  1. Well it was lovely knowing you so far but now I can relate at so many levels. A wonderful description. The first line reminded me of this quote β€œDon’t be afraid from being different but be afraid from being the same as everyone else” because each one of us are unique and it is that uniqueness that we should try to find within ourselves instead of just trying to be someone else (I am not saying we should not look upto others to improve, which is a different thing).
    Its good that you keep yourself busy all the time, it is a blessing to be busy. It gets extremely difficult to sit idle in my opinion.
    “I envy happy people,because they hide their pains inside them,and make others laugh with joy” Loved it πŸ™‚
    I don’t like shopping either, which is why I hate when I have to go with my parents to a mall because I like to just go in knowing exactly what I have to buy and where to buy and then just be out without walking around for hours.
    Anyways, it is great to know you even more. Keep up the great work. Take good care and stay blessed.

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