Little Girl.

I never make you proud,
But I promise I won’t put down,
I’ll always be your little girl,
The one who told the story you taught,when she was four,
And won the first price,I remember your happy face.

I know you’ve spent sleepless nights,
Just to let my dreams ignite,
I know there are scars in your heart,
The pain I see in your eyes everyday,They remind me of dreams,That you’ve now sacrificed.

I will leave your house one day,
Leaving behind the surname,That you gave,
But I won’t forget the lessons that you shared,To fight the world in everyway,
You’ve never seen me as a burden,Like the rest of the world says.

You’ve taught me to be brave,and never give up in anyway,
You’ve said the spark in my eyes could turn to flames and spread,
But,I’m just your little girl,Trying to find a place in this world,
It’s because of you who I am today.


87 thoughts on “Little Girl.

  1. Thanks for the follow 🙂 . i know my poems are bit like story telling 🙂 now that i have a good array of talented followers like you i will try to improve things.just need some time ok?

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  2. I heard this earlier and it reminded me of this poem so here it is, “When you earn your children’s respect, they also learn to respect themselves”. Your father is one lucky man to have you as his daughter. Keep up the great work.

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  3. That’s beautiful! Every daughter, even really grown up ones can relate to it. Of course you are his little girl. May you continue to be a lovely daughter to your parents. Often things change and girls drift apart from their parents’ family. That’s natural too.

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