Mirror,Mirror on the wall..
Aren’t you tiered of this all?

You know them,
More then they know themselves,
You show them,
More than what they really are.

You see,
The beautiful,The ugly,
The happy,The sad,
The fat,The slim,
The tall,The short.

You patiently listen,
To their cries and their laughter,
To their success stories,and the reason behind their failure,
To their ideas and,their experiments.

You are,
Like the trust that shouldn’t be broken,
Like the invisible person,who is there,
Not moving,not saying,
But hearing.

Mirror Mirror on the wall,
I’m not here to ask you,
Whose the fairest of them all,
But,I’m here to ask you,
Aren’t you tired of this all?


44 thoughts on “Mirror.

  1. Always a pleasant experience to read your work. I missed your work. I will give you a mirror point of view in my way. No, I am not tired at all. I enjoy showing the truth and I see everything for what it is. I enjoy the time when people try to discern who they really are by gazing at their reflection. I show everyone their true identity in the morning when they are not hidden behind the mask of their makeup. I am proud of myself that I give them a faithful representation of themselves. By seeing their true self, some become aware of the distinction between their exterior and interior lives. Although I do get bored when nobody is looking into me. Lastly, I as a mirror thank you for taking the time to ask me about my feelings hahah πŸ™‚
    Nicely penned Drishti, I hope everything is going well and great in your life. Have a great day and stay blessed. Take care.

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    • But mirror shows us a beautiful face,and while you go and click a picture of yourself that beautiful face disappears,so mirror doesn’t really show us who we are,It tricks us to make us feel confident about ourselves.
      And Thankyou Gaurav,Everthing going good,how about you?Take care. πŸ™‚

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      • That is true Drishti, I just looked at couple moments of what mirror also shows us. Some people do not like what they see in the mirror when they don’t have that make up on maybe first thing in the morning and then they have to put these ‘lies’ on themselves in order to make themselves look beautiful. Is it really the mirror that tricks us or is it just us tricking ourselves because it is just reflecting what you put in. Something unrelated yet also related line that I heard once, ‘Life sucks but living does not’. I am also doing great and thank you for asking. Take care.Β 

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      • So yes sometimes it shows us the reality while other times we let it trick us because mirror does not have a brain yet. I guess I went into a bit more figurative explanation of it, sorry if I made it complicated.


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