Dreadful Dream.

“I Love him.” I told my best friend.

Who was always against my relationship with him.

But in the first place even I was.I did not want him,I always kept him away from me.I always told him to move on,forget about me,find someone who would truly respect his love,I hurted him,thinking one day he would leave.

But he did not.

He stayed.He made me realise,his love was as pure and that I loved him as much as he loved me.He knew that I love books as much as eveygirl likes flowers,He knew that I wasn’t the girl,who could’ve been impressed by money,looks and gifts,but I was the girl in search for a good heart,and he had it.

It was everything he says,everything he does,there is a different feeling that comes along with him.

I guess,I’ve never felt that way in my life so far.And I don’t know why it felt as though,he is the one who wouldn’t leave me,as though he is the support in my life,as though his love is as pure as me,as though this love is ours,and I realised i loved him more when I decided that all the smart remarks from people would be ignored.

But,My best friend.

She wasn’t people,She knew me since the last 5 years and she told me that the decision I was making was wrong,Because he was away from me,maybe because he was older to me,maybe…

She never gave me a reason or an answer to why shouldn’t I be with him.

I loved him,and now I didn’t have any reason to leave him.

“The decision is yours,I’ll wait for you as I always have.”He had told me at the time when I had said “I have no guts to tell my bestfriend,she will surely disapprove it.”

He had always accepted and supported every decision I took,but also told me to do things from my heart.But I always followed my brain.My heart was hurted so many times not not only because of love but life so many times and now it was too fragile for me to follow my heart.

But,My love for him was pure.

And I decided to tell my friend about it.I was afraid,If she wouldn’t like my decision,I wanted her to be happy for me and him,for us.

When finally came a day,Where I Told her “I Love Him.”

Her eyes where red,with tears forming in it,She did not say a word,But kept looking at me.

I don’t know,Why was she so against it,I don’t know what was she hiding from him,but seeing her cry,I knew she was hiding something from me.But I wanted to tell her that he was the one.

I wanted to tell her if I would let him go free then,he will come back to me.

But I couldn’t speak,and so couldn’t she.

I could feel tears on my own cheek,I could feel my nose turing red,A heart throbbing pain in my chest.

And I wake up to only find out,It was like one of those dreams i see everyday,and try to forget.

There are tears in my eyes,a fear in my heart,and a haunted memory all gone with the dreadful dream,I wonder why I keep seeing it again and again.


64 thoughts on “Dreadful Dream.

  1. I think I have told you several times the way you fill your stories with emotions is just awesome. The way you lead every details to the story just do not leave any choice but to keep reading. I especially like the ending and you have done this before where you turn the whole story into a dream. It is wonderful how we can weave a whole story in our dreams and the next thing you know, you wake up and you do not even remember while other times it could be the smallest of dreams that keep appearing over and over. Anyways, great work as always and keep it up. Best wishes and regards.

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  2. I think so ……there’s no need to describe of wat I m feeling aftr reading this drish ; (…….you very well mite know! !!!! all can say is going very good keep it up dear one ;*)…..waiting for next nuclear bomb-blog article of yourz

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  3. It was really really really amazing.
    I don’t know you were fantasitizing or its real but if it’s real then maybe there’s something wrong in hat guy from ur friends point of view or maybe she likes that guy too.. I m not telling she betrayed you or something but just a random guess.
    No matter what is goin in your Life please keep Smiling! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha..Dont worry,It’s not real,It took me really long to write this story,Its fictional and part of my imagination.Just written it from My point of view because things get easy.
      And,My best friend will always support my decision and stay with me,in everything I do,She is a sister from another mother.She would NEVER do that.
      Keep Smiling,Take Care. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • I don’t know but I still beleive it’s real!
        Hope you both stay together (you and the guy)!!
        Yea I still do beleive it’s real.
        And yes you and bff stays forever..
        She’ll get you no matter what! ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

        Keep Smiling! ๐Ÿ˜Š
        Sending you lots of love,

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  4. The climax that u write in every poem or story of yours is amazing.And by the there’s this classmate of mine ‘Sunain Singh Banga’ he’s a writer like u,he wrote his first book ‘The First Crush at 13’ when he just 13!!, please do check it out

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  5. This work is .. to a large extent similar to my real life story, even I am holding my true love and faith for a girl who wanted done time and space…
    I think I will carry my feelings for her.. for the rest of my life even if she comes out with a simple no…even she asked mW to move on…but I couldn’t. & I failed to take that selfish route because my existence , my happiness lies with her…
    Thanks for sharing

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