Little Girl.

I never make you proud,
But I promise I won’t put down,
I’ll always be your little girl,
The one who told the story you taught,when she was four,
And won the first price,I remember your happy face.

I know you’ve spent sleepless nights,
Just to let my dreams ignite,
I know there are scars in your heart,
The pain I see in your eyes everyday,They remind me of dreams,That you’ve now sacrificed.

I will leave your house one day,
Leaving behind the surname,That you gave,
But I won’t forget the lessons that you shared,To fight the world in everyway,
You’ve never seen me as a burden,Like the rest of the world says.

You’ve taught me to be brave,and never give up in anyway,
You’ve said the spark in my eyes could turn to flames and spread,
But,I’m just your little girl,Trying to find a place in this world,
It’s because of you who I am today.



Mirror,Mirror on the wall..
Aren’t you tiered of this all?

You know them,
More then they know themselves,
You show them,
More than what they really are.

You see,
The beautiful,The ugly,
The happy,The sad,
The fat,The slim,
The tall,The short.

You patiently listen,
To their cries and their laughter,
To their success stories,and the reason behind their failure,
To their ideas and,their experiments.

You are,
Like the trust that shouldn’t be broken,
Like the invisible person,who is there,
Not moving,not saying,
But hearing.

Mirror Mirror on the wall,
I’m not here to ask you,
Whose the fairest of them all,
But,I’m here to ask you,
Aren’t you tired of this all?

Dreadful Dream.

“I Love him.” I told my best friend.

Who was always against my relationship with him.

But in the first place even I was.I did not want him,I always kept him away from me.I always told him to move on,forget about me,find someone who would truly respect his love,I hurted him,thinking one day he would leave.

But he did not.

He stayed.He made me realise,his love was as pure and that I loved him as much as he loved me.He knew that I love books as much as eveygirl likes flowers,He knew that I wasn’t the girl,who could’ve been impressed by money,looks and gifts,but I was the girl in search for a good heart,and he had it.

It was everything he says,everything he does,there is a different feeling that comes along with him.

I guess,I’ve never felt that way in my life so far.And I don’t know why it felt as though,he is the one who wouldn’t leave me,as though he is the support in my life,as though his love is as pure as me,as though this love is ours,and I realised i loved him more when I decided that all the smart remarks from people would be ignored.

But,My best friend.

She wasn’t people,She knew me since the last 5 years and she told me that the decision I was making was wrong,Because he was away from me,maybe because he was older to me,maybe…

She never gave me a reason or an answer to why shouldn’t I be with him.

I loved him,and now I didn’t have any reason to leave him.

“The decision is yours,I’ll wait for you as I always have.”He had told me at the time when I had said “I have no guts to tell my bestfriend,she will surely disapprove it.”

He had always accepted and supported every decision I took,but also told me to do things from my heart.But I always followed my brain.My heart was hurted so many times not not only because of love but life so many times and now it was too fragile for me to follow my heart.

But,My love for him was pure.

And I decided to tell my friend about it.I was afraid,If she wouldn’t like my decision,I wanted her to be happy for me and him,for us.

When finally came a day,Where I Told her “I Love Him.”

Her eyes where red,with tears forming in it,She did not say a word,But kept looking at me.

I don’t know,Why was she so against it,I don’t know what was she hiding from him,but seeing her cry,I knew she was hiding something from me.But I wanted to tell her that he was the one.

I wanted to tell her if I would let him go free then,he will come back to me.

But I couldn’t speak,and so couldn’t she.

I could feel tears on my own cheek,I could feel my nose turing red,A heart throbbing pain in my chest.

And I wake up to only find out,It was like one of those dreams i see everyday,and try to forget.

There are tears in my eyes,a fear in my heart,and a haunted memory all gone with the dreadful dream,I wonder why I keep seeing it again and again.

I am (NOT) Offended.

I am NOT offended,
Each time they tell me,
how short I am,Or how bad I look,
When my flaws and weeknesses,
Are misjudged by people,
When they say the lines on my Palm,
Are not lucky enough for me,
It’s so funny to me,How the mole on my wrist,
Is the reason I write so many poems to them,
But then they say I stay up all night,
Just to write poems about my life,
It is usless and waste of time they say,
But they don’t know how good I feel when I write about them, my life and its happenings,
Without their knowledge,and they appreciate then,
When my caste and culture creates a problem to them,
Because it makes me run behind money but I swear I’m not impressed,
Its so harsh to hear them trash comments on me,
It’s so hard for me not to fight with them,
When the pain in my life gives happiness to them,
The point out their finger to me,
Each time I pass by them,
They don’t see the other four pointing towards them.
I am NOT offended by any of these,
Because the voice in my mind,
Keeps telling me,Just let it go,
Let them say,Let them do,
You keep moving,You do good,
They don’t know my plans,They don’t know my rules,
They have no other things in their life,
That is the reason they judge me and maybe even you.