Pages and images of imaginations,give me peace.
Thoughts and words never break me into pieces.
The nib of the pen is connected to every inch of my soul.

I crumble and mumble,through pages and prahses.
I scatter and gather my thoughts into Poems.
I cry and shy when I write something that is close to my soul.

I tear,I get up,I give up,I mix up,When it’s so hard to convey,A story I freak up.
I wonder the encounter I had with my dark part,
I’m struck and enlightened by the magic when I write something from my heart.

It’s creative to the world,And close to my soul,
It’s beautiful for the world,But my life in words to me,
My brain is on a break,when my heart connects with a page.

PS- Don’t you all writers feel the same way?


66 thoughts on “Writing.

  1. As always, what a wonderful read first thing in the morning πŸ™‚ It sometimes takes a lot of time to put the idea we have in our heart into words but when we successfully do it, it is just a wonderful feeling. Your words always leave a significant impact on the reader, I will always aim for creating such imagery in my writing πŸ™‚ Keep up the awesome work.

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  2. Very well expressed and elegantly written, D. I could feel the same while writing. To me writing is like making a sculpture. You bend, break, get impatient but at last get get a beautiful sculpture, appreciated by our heart.

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