Our souls,running in the dark woods,
Trying to find a way to escape,
The hunters,who have their cages and guns,
To drag us down,And wear a crown.

Torch lights flash,and we run for cover,
In this darkness,we have each other,
To hold,whimper and cry.

Now they search for our trails,
As we hide,don’t they?
And we walk on a fragile path,that would break soon,from our weights.

Searching for the fences,
Making our way to exit,This dark place.

They take out their guns,and shoot at us,
And we fall in pain,
You look at me,I know for me its you,
In this dead dark night,for the last time,
your lips so sweet,remind me of the first kiss,
I know for you,It will always be me.


41 thoughts on “Dark.

  1. You never stop to amaze. Wonderful work once again. Well thought out and put together words to express the delicate relationship. It’s always good to know that we have someone with us during our dark but unfortunately it really hurts when people leave you on these last moments when they are needed the most. Keep up the great work and keep shining. Have a wonderful day ahead of you 🙂

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