WHO are you?
You are a gift,A gift which can’t be brought from all the money in the world,
A creator,who creates his own world for A better place to live.
A searcher,who searches for an answer when in trouble,
A solver,who finds solution when a problem can’t be solved.
A beautiful person,who gets up everyday,puts on a good outfit and tries to makes his life perfect.

WHAT can you do?
You could do the impossible,Only if you believe,
You could fight the people,who put you down,
You could show the world,you are not worthless,
You could survive a hurricane,and live a life as beautiful as a rainbow.

WHERE are you?
You are somewhere you are forced to be,
You are in dreams,that are hard to believe for the rest of the world,
You are weeping,over something you didn’t get,
You are living with opinions,thinking about people not YOURSELF.

Then WHY are you doing this?
Just go out there,Chase your dreams,
Make them come true,stop waiting for challenges to come to you,
Go and challenge yourself,
Survive the storm,and see the sunshine.
Shoot for the moon,You may atleast land up among the stars.


44 thoughts on “Who,What,Where,Why.

  1. Finally, a post from a wonderful blogger whose work I love. I guess this is exactly what I was missing after a long day, a solid motivation. Positive vibes bhar bhar kar daali hain is post main. I learned a new word today, ‘challegene’ meaning challenging our own genes lol. How is your post on the story from varun POV coming along? Great work as always, keep it up. I hope everything else in life is great and it feels like someone is shooting for moon anyways so I don’t have to say keep shining :D.


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