When it’s all gone,
You realize it’s importance,
It’s like a kaleidoscope,
Of things,You could do,
To achieve it,
But then you realize,
You did work hard,
And it was almost in your hands,
But it was given to somebody else,
Someone,who didn’t do,
Anything to achieve it,
Someone who never bothered,
About the thing,
Which was precious to you,
Like a gem,
You cry hard,For your loss,
And people tell you,
It wasn’t in your box,
You try to accept it,
But Its so hard,
Isn’t it?
Is that how you feel?
When that one thing,
You wanted,


81 thoughts on “Gone.

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  2. We think
    We are the ONE
    We are almost there
    But unexpectedly
    G joins the ONE
    To say GONE.

    At times we feel we are almost there and start to live in the moment but suddenly everything turns upside down:(. It hurts a lot.

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    • It’s actually the truth whatyouve said.
      Maybe we can work more harder to make The G disappear in our life,so that we are the only ONE.
      But I also agree with you,It hurts a lot and it feels so hard to move on. πŸ™‚


  3. Bitter truth of life very well put. It is these experiences that we learn from also. That thing may have been gone but it leaves after teaching you many other things. A quote that I truly believe in: β€œSuccess comes from experience and experience comes from failure”. I must say, you have a beautiful talent of expressing your thoughts and I hope to get there myself as I get more time to write down my thoughts. I just realized that I have the same title as one of your work. Hope to read more of it, enjoy and keep shining.

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  4. I like to think that people who get something that I really wanted not only deserved it, but needed it more than me. I tell myself this to make myself feel better whenever I lose (which, by the way, is 99.999993% of the time; yes, I ran the numbers).

    And then I come to a realization that perhaps I don’t really need what I wanted.

    And then I wonder if the loss I’m feeling is more about the loss of what I was imagining rather than the reality of what was actually going to be.

    And then I wonder what better thing will come along now that there is space for it to fit into my life.

    And then I smile in expectation of that better thing. πŸ™‚

    Great poem! Loved it! πŸ™‚

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  5. drish…….I don’t think I should say anything about how I can relate thiz wid my life……….””’ you very well know this……”GONE” a big word drish which you used” u won’t need such article to elaborate this word””””‘ it itself speaks a lot…….atleast foh me it is ; truly reminds me of my past with some one which I can’t forget! !!!!!!!! so thankz to you dear one”drish” foh updating again a mind blowing n vry heart touching blog “”””……..^_^

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  6. Hello Drishti,
    This is in response to your earlier reply you gave about your true intentions of writing this piece of work (not getting admission). Now I am not going to say it will be alright and everything happens for good, keep working hard because you know all this and I am sure you did worked hard at the first place. I am not debunking these phrases, they are true in their own context. The worst thing to do in this situation is not do anything and think that you did everything and you don’t know why you did not get it (you may not know it now but thats what you have to find out). There has to be a reason why someone else got it and you did not (reason could be luck but I dont think it is good to assume this right away). Be honest with yourself and think where you could have lacked and improve on that aspect. The last thing you want to do is just repeat the same thing again that led you to not get in at the first place. You used the word “Gone” so maybe you will not be able to apply again for that program or college but finding out the reason will stop you from going through this experience again. Now I do not know what the situation is, they may have low marks but better in different aspect. It could be luck or being at the right situation at right time type of situation (as i said this should be the last reason to chose). Anyways, I thought this advice will help as I have been through the exact same situation not too long ago and I had the same initial thoughts as you do but a realization was made later that the other guy really deserved it (I was great in some aspects but not all). Was this for med school or something if you do not mind answering? I think I have extended this too much and it is probably getting boring but I feel there are lot of people ready to tell you what you want to hear rather than what the reality is or atleast that is what my experience is (yes, there are lot of great people to who genuinely want to help and all these comments are the proof). This is just my opinion and I am sure tumhari “drishti” is capable enough to discern between what is good for you or not.
    Enjoy and sorry for the long post but I cannot stop myself from sharing things that may be able to help someone.

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    • Wow,Your words were so true and encouraging.
      Thankyou for giving so much time and typing down this comment.Yes,I couldn’t get to the place I wanted to,And now maybe I don’t even want to be in that place.

      I’m falling short of words to express how I feel,but this was so encouraging. πŸ™‚


      • I am very glad that you found it encouraging. You are just too kind to say that you are “short of words”. I did not say anything special, just something I came to realization after few events and if my actions have even a small chance of helping someone, I will be the first one there.

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      • Congratulations, sometimes we may not understand why something is happening to us at the moment but in the future when you reflect on your life then all of the events start to make sense.


  7. It is seldom that we treasure or value things until they are no longer there. Like someone said, “things are to be used and people to be loved, but off late, we love things and use people ”
    Because of this, usually, we end up missing and craving for people who are no longer in our lives 😦

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