With reference to my previous story,I decided to write a poem on how shanaya felt about Varun,And thanks to my dear WordPress friend who adviced me to do so,Here I am writing this poem,This is from the point of view of Shanaya. 🙂

I still remember,
The look on your face,
We meet in the corridors,
At 2:48,The smile that you gave,
The first time you saw me,
But,the road to our friendship,
Was so much fragile,
Maybe,thats why we drifted apart,
And then you went,

I too recall now,
The nervousness in my legs,
The place where we met,
Will haunt me for years,
I can’t think of looking back,
Can’t believe it’s all over.
I won’t go back from where we started.
You have now gone,

Maybe,now I need to understand,
That you won’t ever come back,
But now all that I know,
Is that I don’t know,
How to be something you miss,
I can’t imagine,How could we end up like this?
I never thought you would leave me,
And get AWAY.

Now here I am,laying in my bed
It’s 2:30am,Memories from that night,
Flash in my mind,we talked for the whole night,
You told me all that was yours,so many secrets,
But now this empty silence,Of this long night,
Cuts me to the core,
You told me you loved me,
So why did you go?

I won’t weep and cry for you,
No im not that,There is a change in my plans now,
And bigger dreams in my heart,
That I wish never break,
Now that you’ve gone,
This poem is to remind you,
All the reasons I gave everytime,
I tried to go,

Stay-A Story.

“Shanaya Bhandhari?” Called out the peon,Everyone were in the middle of their computer practices and the teacher wasn’t there in the class at that time.

Shanaya,looked up took her eyes off the computer screen and said “Yes,That’s me.”

The peon told her to come out,Shanaya had a puzzled look on her face and she looked up to her friend Hemani,who was sitting on the computer next to her,they both shrugged and shanaya walked her way to the exit.

As she opened the door and went outside the lab,she saw him.

She did not expect him to be here,at this time when he had to leave for Pune in a few hours.

She felt as if the ground beneath her feet was shaked,she was sweating and felt so numb.

Varun was standing,outside the practicle lab,He had worn a black shirt and dark jeans,he had his bag on his shoulders and a red plastic bag in his hands,was like a casual college going guy,but was not so smart in looks.


Shanaya did not know at first how to react.Her legs were shaking and she was laughing a stupid laughter out of nervousness.

Varun waved his hand and then said”Its so hot in mumbai.”

Shanaya nodded and shaked her head,pretty confused on what to do next.

She somehow couldn’t stop laughing,because of her nervousness.

But gathered courage,and spoke,”Why did you come here?At this time?”

“I just wanted to give this to you”he said,pointing out to the red plasctic bag in his hand,In a low voice.

“I already told you,I won’t take it,don’t you have to leave for Pune in the evening?”Shanaya said very politely but a little firmness.

Varun had made two sketches of her and he had framed them,and wanted to give them to her,But Shanaya had told him many times that she won’t take it.

She tried to keep her self so calm,but she was shaken from inside.

Varun and Shanaya had met on a social networking site,but their friendship had grown deeper,and varuns love for Shanaya had grown more.

It was the first time they had met,but it wasn’t the right place and time and his way of meeting in the middle of her college made it worse.

Even though Shanaya had made it clear that she won’t be in a relationship with anyone.Varun had always treated her like his girlfriend.

But today,His coming to her college,In the middle of her Practicles made her think,He was so creepy,It would have been cute if he waited outside the college for her,It would have been so sweet if he brought flowers for her,It would have been so good,If The first word he said was,”You look more prettier in reality.” Rather than “It’s so hot,I’m sweating.”

But,Nothing as such did he do or could she expect from him.

“In the middle of the Practicles,why did you come at this time i told you i wont take it,You should go.”She said,her voice now firm.

“I have a train to Pune at 6 pm,It’s 2:45,I’ll wait for you,outside.”Varun said whike he cleant sweat off his face.

“I have to go,My teacher would be here any moment.”She said in a low voice and started making her way to her lab.

Varun just nodded and said he would wait and he went downstairs.

Shanaya’s face was shocked when she entered the class,no one but her friend noticed it and asked her what was wrong.

Shanaya,told hemani everything,even though hemani was friends with her from only since 2 weeks when college had started.

“Such a creep.He just crossed the line from being cute to creepy.” Hemani said

But Shanaya was shocked and shaken,and was sweating in an air conditioned room.

By the time her Practicles got over,it was 4:30,Shanaya had a message from Varun saying “Meet me at The Cafè,which is next to your college.”

Shanaya went to The Cafè,and saw him sitting in one of the last corner seats,usually for couples.

Shanaya did not like the idea of love and Varun was very different from her,he did things what his heart said and Shanaya did not.She was a realistic person or maybe she did not want to see herself crying after a guy had left her.

As Shanaya walked up to him,Varun saw her and said “Sit”

“I have to catch a bus or else i would reach home very late,I need to go,you should leave too,You are getting late to right?”She replied waving her hand into a No.

“Okay,I just wanted to give you these sketches.”Varun said,His voice so low hard enough to hear.

“I’m so mad and angry at you,why Varun? I told you i wont take it,See we meet even though I did not want to,Please don’t expect me to take these,I don’t have anything so special in return.” There was no anger,no frustration,but softness in her voice.

She noticed that Varun had his book of sketches in his hand as well that he wanted to show Shanaya,But Shanaya did not like the way he treated her today.

She had always imagined someone to pull out a chair for her and offer her to sit,she wanted someone who made her feel nice,And she couldnt find these things in Varun.

Varun didn’t say anything,he just got up,and walked to the entrance of the Cafè and Shanaya followed.

He looked up at Shanaya and did not say anything.

Shanaya just told him,she had to go,and Varun without saying anuthing nodded and left.

As she walked to the bus stop with Hemani,everything that happened with her today was coming in her mind.

She wondered if he was really this guy,who knew everything about her,whom she talked to all night.If he was really this guy,with whom she was herself.But,he did not make her comfortable,He did not make her feel Speacial,he did not spoke to her polietly and worse of all,He did not as her to STAY,Instead he left.

As they walked to the bus stop,Hemani broke the silence and said “You could do better than this guy you met.”

“I don’t know,He didn’t ask me to stay,or make me feel how I wanted a boy to,So maybe I do.”Shanaya replied.

But her heart so badly wanted that he would stop her,Instead she got a message from him the next day which said,” There is nothing like love,It does not exsist in this world,When you do anythng for your love its Worthless,I promise to never think of you ever,Take care.”

He shut the door to their friendship,and Shanaya did not reply anything to it,A part of her knew he would give up,The only thing she thought after reading his message was,”But,Maybe baby,everything done with love and for love is not Worthless.”


When it’s all gone,
You realize it’s importance,
It’s like a kaleidoscope,
Of things,You could do,
To achieve it,
But then you realize,
You did work hard,
And it was almost in your hands,
But it was given to somebody else,
Someone,who didn’t do,
Anything to achieve it,
Someone who never bothered,
About the thing,
Which was precious to you,
Like a gem,
You cry hard,For your loss,
And people tell you,
It wasn’t in your box,
You try to accept it,
But Its so hard,
Isn’t it?
Is that how you feel?
When that one thing,
You wanted,