It’s A Girl.

“Congratulations,Its a girl.”

“Its a Girl.” Sighed the world,
Now you will have to take care of her,
Just to let her go one day.

But the hands that held her,
Saw the shimmer in her eyes,
For all they knew,that she was their ray of light.

It didn’t matter to them,
If their baby was a him/her,
All they knew was,It was their duty to protect her.

“It’s sad you don’t have a son.” They said,
Who would look after you,
And always stay.

But,the mother who held her,
Knew what a daughter’s love,
Always felt so real even though miles apart.

“Oh,she is fragile and beautiful like a flower,
Keep her locked inside,
Away from the skies.”They said

But,The father who saw his little baby,
Open her tiny eyes,cry and fall asleep,In his huge arms,
Knew that the spark in her eyes could turn into flames and spread.

How could they keep their little angel,
Away from the skies,
For angels are ment to fly high in the sky.

It didn’t matter to them,
What the world had said,
Their little angel,
Completed a little world for them.


76 thoughts on “It’s A Girl.

  1. A very lovely poem..real to the core. When my daughter was born, everybody in the family was very happy. One lady (not related) had told me “Don’t worry, next time you’ll have a son.” Not knowing what to say I had just smiled. I just couldn’t get the logic.

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  2. You spread so much honest positivity with your writings and this post was indeed a special one. Loved the way you gave words to the feelings of her parents and a message that is much needed in today’s world. It was a masterpiece! πŸ™‚

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    • This post was something I was so unsure of,but Thankyou so much for understanding my words and also understanding the message I was trying to give.I am so happy after reading your comment as your words mean a lot to me.😊

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  3. A wonderful and thought provoking poem… I truly understand. Since we live in a country Third World county – India, more or less, such biases still prevail. Although not very openly expressed these days. Reading your poem makes me feel both happy and sad. At one side I feel empowered considering the thoughts of the parents, but also a little upset with the fact that such things still go on in the underbelly. Hopefully your thoughts help change opinions.

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  4. Lovely poem! But actually while my brothers helped when my Mom was dying 6 years ago, it was me their only daughter who gave up my job n my life to be there 24/7 and help til the end. I would’ve regretted it if I hadn’t. Be well πŸ™‚


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