When it’s all over,
It all just comes back in flashes,
It’s like a kaleidoscope of memories.
Everything comes back,
It’s hard to swallow,
Even harder to accept,
Your whole world,
Goes upside down,
The ground beneath,
Your feet feels shaky,
Your hands feel numb,
There is a heart throbbing,
Pain in your chest,
Like a hole has been,
Punched through your chest,
At first you don’t know,
How to react,
Tears don’t come out of your eye,
You don’t believe it happend,
You feel like everything is normal,
It’s hardest to accept,
But later,Tears roll down,
From your eyes,
Each time that one thing,
That changed your life,
Gave you a lesson,
You would never forget,
Comes in your mind.


63 thoughts on “Troubled

  1. hard to swallow,Goes upside down,feels shaky,hands feel numb,heart throbbing,Pain in your chest, these all are at one time looks like the symptoms of most dangerous deseage,must consult a doctor..what is the name of deseage?
    Btw,well expressed & very biological!!!!!!!

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  2. Ouch. Life can really pull some fast ones on us, can’t it. I read something so awesome today on another blog:
    We are more than what people see on the surface. We are narratives, stories that make us who and what we are. And the stories are ripe with sorrows and joys, defeats and victories, love and loss, suffering and wellness–all those things each of us must face in life. And like my friend, Virginia, says β€œwhen you shed light on your past and how it affected you, it illustrates the transition that occurred to mold you into the person you are today.” So here I go with the next installment in my little story.
    It’s from here:

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      • You are very welcome. A friend of mine said this to me yesterday, and now I will say it to you: “mutual appreciation is a beautiful thing.” I really do enjoy reading your poetry — your art. Thank you for reading and appreciating mine. Have a lovely day!

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      • Your words make me feel so good,Thankyou very much for reading my poems,I honestly liked your work and enjoyed reading it as well.Yes I believe mutual appreciation is a beautiful thing,and I really respect whenever someone appreciates my work.
        Have a lovely day. πŸ™‚

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