Rain Diary.

These rainy mornings,

Made her wish,She never would get out of the bed,

The quilt made her feel,so comfortable,and warm,

But she had to wake up and fight another day all alone.

These rainy afternoon,

With no work to do,

Made her hate the rain,even more,

But,She’s  glad,She has some time for herself,

A novel and the sound of the rain,

Takes all her pain in a vain.

These rainy evenings,

As she sits by the window,

Sipping her coffee,

She remebers,how he used to come home from work,

Kiss her on her forehead,Her cheeks and lips,

His bright eyes always full of love,

Oh,he was her world.

But,Here she is now,

So incomplete without him,

Trying to live without his love,

Trying to fight the pain.

Enjoying the cool wind that softly touches her face,

Feeling the music that calmly touches her ears,

The feeling of calmness spreads all over her,

Just like a tranquilliser.

These rainy nights,

Her thoughts were endless as the sky,

Tossing and turning,in their bed,

She felt so alone.

 At 12:00,She reads old chats,

From the time he was away,

They’re all about his love,his passion and his books,

How sad does she feel,

Not to be with him anymore.

She has everything they needed now,

A job that pays her well,Gas in her car and,

food in the refrigerator,

But what’s lost is his love,her happiness,

and their peace of mind.

The thought of him,

Made her eyes water,

Made her vision blur,

And it made her mind slur.

 At 2:30,She realised,

It had been a year,

Since she lost him,

These romantic rains,

Never excited her anyway.

The wounds  are a year old,

But they feel as if she was stabbed yesterday,

How weak was she to fight,

To save his life that night,

Came in her mind.

Looking at the framed pictures of theirs,

With kisses on cheeks,and happiness in their eyes,

His memories are as fresh as a flower,

But his soul is perished forever.