Someone is always there for you,
In your high and your lows,
In your depressing modes.
In your truths and your lies,
In your best and worst times.

Someone has seen you,
From zero to hero,
From bubbly to quiet,
From fat to slim,
From weird to simple.

Someone Understands,
Why you’re sorry and thankful,
Why you’re rude and polite,
Why you’re aggressive and passive,
Why you’re mad and never bad.

Someone knows your journey,
From two plates to messy hair,
From pretty to ugly,
From fashionista to simple clothes,
From flaw to flawless.

PS- The someone in my life are my parents and my best friend.Who is your someone?

P.S.2-Someone Loves you.I Promise.


12 thoughts on “Someone.

  1. I missed this the first time I read your blog. Lot of times, we do not realize that ‘someone’ is always near us because we spend too much time with them and this work of yours is a great realization for many people who are in search of that someone. Great work 🙂


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