Alma mater

She is loving you right from the time you were in her womb.
She is your best friend,the truest friend you’ve ever had.

She is the one who ran to help you when you fell,
She is the one to kiss the place to make it well.

She is the one who understands you an supports your decisions in life,
She is the one who tells you to do what is right.

She is the one who forgives you even when you’ve broken her crocrie set or when you’ve spoiled her favourite dress,
She is the one who brings you a beautiful dress and never let’s you be out of trend.

She is the one who dreams great dreams for you,
She is the one who let’s you chase the dreams you have for yourself.

She is Strong,She is Patient,
She is Artistic,She is Loving.

She is my MOTHER,She is your MOTHER.
To us Children being a mother is a biological reaction,
But for her,it is an attitude.

If Love is Sweet as Flower,
Mothers are the sweet flower of love.❤️


The Start Of A New Chapter In Life.

I Know this should have been my first blog.But I was too enthusiastic to publish “My First Yellow bag”.

We all have much of a talent in ourselves.People my age can make wonders happen.And all I used to do? Sit around and wonder what wrong happened with me?(or maybe even curse myself for not being creative).Maybe it varies from time to time or maybe even person to person to realise what one’s true potential is.But trust me there was a time in my life when I felt like when I was in my mothers womb,a black cat crossed our way,a glass broke and all the bad things happened and boom I was was born.(just kidding)

As for me I’ve always been the not so good at dancing,drawing,painting,singing.But,I’ve always been fearless and tried all of this.But for me, it always has been the smell of a fresh new chapter..

Right since I was a little girl, nothing brought more glow to my eyes as compared to a bundle of new pages. When I was 5, it meant me learning to write my name hundreds of times until I wrote it in perfect, clean writing. When I was 8,it brought Me happiness of drawing what I loved(even though i am just bragging,but when I was 8 my hella good drawing came in the newspaper).When I turned 10,I wanted so bad to be a singer,which eventually led to my lack of interest in drawing and painting and now look at me my drawing has been so bad.When I became a teenager,The only thing I did was,I kept listening to what advice people were giving me,and trust me I was such a dumb teenager that I even applied it in my life and eventually it helped Me to get NOTHING but ‘A LOW SELF ESTEEM’.

‘Cause whatever people advised me to do did not go right because,It wasn’t even designed for me.

Anyways.. off track.

So as I grew older, my fascination towards new blank pages grew stronger. For now, they meant I could unleash my thoughts and pen them down.I couldn’t open my mouth in public cause whenever I did,I ended up hurting people.So instead of hurting people,I can just write about my life,my way of seeing people,my way of understanding someone.Writing Is my way of showing my world to people.This is where I wish to show you the world from my eyes and show you the world inside me.

It’s like these fresh blank pages beam at me to start anew… I can just dump the past and get completely indulged in decorating the page I got.

Sometimes it’s better to leave the past behind and never look back.

So here’s me, sharing my thoughts and beliefs… sharing my bit of new page with you! 🙂

Happy reading 🙂

PS- The I don’t believe in things like black cats crossing your way or breaking of glass.(yo! Its just my imagination)

P.P.S-Did I mention? I wanted to be a math teacher during my 11th std,only because I had a huge crush on my Math sir.Yeah,You are never sure what you want from life.I still am not.

My First Yellow Bag.

Sometimes the best gift you can give to yourself on your birthday is an upgrade.An Upgrade to anything and everything. I did give myself an upgrade.But the thing that got upgraded in my life was the brand and not the type of clothes I wear.As my blog name says “Simplydrishti” It actually defines my personality.I am a girl who can be explained in one word that is SIMPLE.

The first Forever 21 yellow bag that I got! Gosh!! My happiness was on isn’t expensive and neither are there too high-fi clothes.I mean you can find simple clothes in any stores.But rather than simplicity the most important thing you need to look in your clothes is yourself.It isn’t true that if you are buying clothes,accessories or footwear from forever 21 or any of these so called branded stores you are a rich spoilt child.But,the important thing is that you need to be happy about the clothes you buy.I mean even I used to be the girl looking at other girls in the mall with their yellow bag.Who doesn’t want their appearance to be good.Some girls like me feel bad when my friends tell me “YOU WEAR TOO MUCH SIMPLER CLOTHES.” You hurt my sentiments.Guys I have been this way since a long time,But now I have realized that no matter what you wear “People Will Judge You anyways.”😏

We find it so easy to spot better looking people around us…and even easier to count our flaws. Flaws which are endless. You wish you wore better set of clothes ,had spotless skin, longer and thinner legs, better set of teeth, smaller feet and God knows what all. We all can make a never ending list if asked for. To be honest, even I had wishes like these. I kept wondering why can’t I do something to get thinner, fairer and straight hair and change the kind of clothes I wear?!! But even if I did so, then the girl in the mirror wouldn’t be “Me”. I wouldn’t be my natural self…the way I am conventionally designed. There has to be a reason that I don’t like wearing clothes that have too much glitter in them or anything which isn’t simple.Like most other girls I don’t have my much wished long legs.(Yess,I am quite short)  Trust me, whatever you have might not feel enough for you..but if you look from someone else’s point, then you have a lot many things which other people yearn for. But why this fuss then?? Why do we wish to look nothing less than perfect?? Is it cause we fear that people wouldn’t love us otherwise? But who the hell needs such people who love only your outer beauty and don’t appreciate the person inside you.

I know guys run behind beauty (unfortunately not of the soul but of the flesh). But one day that beauty is gonna fade and he will realize that he doesn’t need those pretty cat eyes, but he’ll need eyes which can see through him; not that spotless skin, but your spotless soul; not that perfect hair, but how perfectly you understand him; not for that fair complexion, but for how fair you think. Not for how you look, but for how you love him!! So lets not hurt our self esteem anymore. We are humans and imperfection is our beauty. We’ve got just one life and its too precious to be spent worrying about how we look or how others see us. Cause when you are a tuna fish in your next birth…you wouldn’t get to enjoy the clothes you love to wear. Then it would be too late to realize and regret.                                                                                                                                                                         Just don’t forget to be yourself in the clothes you wear,your heart and you’ll find you loving yourself. Go embrace your uniqueness. This time when you look at the mirror…see and smile for the things it cannot show…the beautiful soul inside you. 😇

PS-I know this post is a little too lame or you might feel I am showing off but,Hey it’s not that bad right? And I am NOT showing-off that ain’t in my genes.