Your silence is like a roar,
It says everything you couldn’t say,
And yet nobody can hear you out.

Your mind is like a sponge,
It absorbs as it observes too many people,
Maybe this is the reason,
For all your treasons.

Your hate is like a rumor,
Which is untrue and doesn’t exsist,
Yet you’re the one to be blamed and called by many names.

Your body is like a garden of roses,
Beautiful and fragile,
But the thorns may hurt them,
If they tried to hold you.

And your Love,your Love is eternal,
It will be with the one forever and always,
Till your name exists.

Mumbai Locals.

         Since I travel for 2 and a half hours daily in the local train,I decided to write about it.

         The heartbeat of Mumbai…Mumbai Locals.Even though the trains are always running late, they are the fastest mode of transport in the city.
From annoying aunties who talk all the way from Borivali to Churchgate at 6:15 am to the future engineers and doctors studying in the train who think even one hour of extra studying will help them pass the exams; you get to see all kinds of people of the city, in just an hour of travelling.And you will always find a group of ladies who talk non-stop to each other.

         But what kind of people you see depends on which compartment you are travelling in.The Mumbai locals are divided into 2 classes, the 1st class where you pay 10 times more than 2nd class and see quarrels happening in English and more I-Phones and Samsung phones than you would see in an Apple or a Samsung gallery and the 2nd class with people having phones you didn’t even know if it actually existed,but I feel second class is safer to travel at night as there is always a lot of crowd there.
There is also a General coach and a Ladies coach. While females rarely travel in the general coach, perchance if a female gets into the general coach, people give her deadly looks for taking away a seat and ofcourse since they have no other work to do in the train they STARE at her.

         Travelling by trains during the peak hours is the hardest thing in the world.I remember when I had first started travelling in June 2015,I used to feel as anxious as a teenager who has an important exam to give when I used to see the train approaching. Initially it wasn’t easy but as time passed I did manage to become an expert in how to get a seat in the train during rush hour.
But even if you get a seat in the train you won’t be at peace, there will be always be a lady trying to fit on the fourth seat or everytime the train stops at a station there will be people asking you that when are you planning to get your butts off the seat (Where are you getting down?).
I see ladies reading holy books. It reminds me of the movie, “The Burning Train”, where passangers are praying to God to help them escape. Also there are students solving Maths and aunties cutting vegetables  in the train which honestly reflects the meaning of the line, “Mumbai is a busy city”. And people here don’t want to spare a single minute from their busy lives.A few months ago, a lady sitting next to me in her 50’s was listening to a Bhajan (Holy chant) on her earphones and I could hear it as I didn’t have my earphones with me and suddenly she started clapping loudly next to my ears which clearly annoyed me. With no earphones I was surely having a bad day. A few days back another lady started doing the breathe-in and breathe-out yoga exercise by Baba Ramdev, which scared the hell out of the girl sitting next to her, she must have been really busy that she had to do yoga in the train.

         It’s not all bad when you are travelling by trains, it also helps you save your shopping time, from children’s colouring books to novels, from corn to brinjals, handkerchiefs to beautiful blouses and braclets, necklaces and key-chains; you see a variety of things sold in the Indian railways.


Take me close,
Close to the place,
The place where I can love,
Myself once again.

Take me close,
Close to my old self,
The one who is fearless,
And fierce.

Take me close,
Close to comfort,
Where I am in the arms,
Of my loved ones.

Take me close,
Close to my fears,
Which put me down,
And leave me out of words.

Take me close,
Close to my demons,
I feel like I’m in the woods,
Unable to escape.

Take me close,
Close to things,
That trouble me,
I want to fight them,
With all my strength.

I came close,
Close to my old diary,
The ink stained pages,
Reminded me of the,
Powers that I carry.


They say we choose who comes into our life,
But sometimes,Just sometimes,
People come into our life because they want to.

And when they do,You realize how happy you can be,
How amazing it is to discover joy in little things,
And how beautiful it is to see the sun
set into the sea,
And letting your self know that someone is constantly there for you,
Even though they’re not present physically,
But a part inside you knows they’ll keep you safe.

It doesn’t matter If they aren’t with us all day long,
A couple of hours,A few days,
Are enough to solace your soul.


A thousand words,A hundred lies,
You’ve said them all so wise,
A hundred hearts,
Were Broken and scattered,
A hundred dreams,
All shattered with time,
A hundred jokes,
Made me laugh,Made me smile,
And a hundred tears,
I’ve cried all night,
A hundred roses,
With thrones,you’ve given me,
A hundred songs,
I’ve heard in your voice,
A hundred streets,
I’ve been scared to walk with you,in my dreams,
A hundred poems,
About you,I didn’t want to write,
A hundred friends,
But none there when I need them,
A hundred moments,A hundred memories,
They all haunt me everytime,
I see you,I look at you,
And in a hundred years,
You’ll be gone,
Buried in the ground,
Without any bounds,
All this while,I’ve been too quiet,
In my speech And my words,
But after a hundred minutes,
I’m the rainbow,over my empty blue sky.


I often wondered what a magicland would look like,
I thought it would exsist in books and movies,
But you came into my life,like a ray of light,
You held my hand tight,we took a few turns in our journey together,
Before we found magicland.

The houses in magicland,light up into colours at night,
The people are like us,they’re in love,
But they say we’re too young,and should not rush up,
We ignore their smart remarks and walk into the woods,
The river that flows by,is the best place to meet you,
We sit on the rock,near the waterfall,
Getting lost into each other’s hearts.

You hug me everytime we meet,
I know you’ll never leave me,I can tell how you feel,
A part of me never thought that I’d be in love,
And we’d be in this magicland.

But,in this magicland,We both lost control,
And you left me all alone,I realized;
What I had when you were mine,
But It’s too late to get you back,
Because I have woken up from my dream now,
And you are in heaven asleep now.

What It Is Meant For.

Eyes were meant to see,They also
make your vision blur,and
your mind slur if you see too
much,so closely,and mouth was
made for you to speak,it could
put you in trouble,if you spoke
the truth,and hands were meant
to hold people and things you loved,
they could also make you break them
with sanity,and the ears,they were
meant to hear beautiful things,they
could also break your heart,if you listen to people too much,and the heart,it was meant to beat and
keep you alive,but it was also made
to love,and love isn’t beautiful as it seems,It’s a scary thing that could make your heart stop eventually,but your love?
Your love stays with me when you can’t.

Winter Night.

In this winter night,I look outside,
As the creatures and birds and humans of all kind,
Are fast asleep,Unaware of the beauty of the night,
I love these bright stars,shining up so high,
In the cloudless twinkling night,
Everything is so calm,the world is quiet.

Cold winds blow,Like a slow musical show,
They whisper in my ears,Am I the only one to hear?,
I keep my eyes skinned,But these winds have ginned me from within ,
I sync with the wind,trying to find my missing link,
In the cloudless twinkling night,
Everything is so calm,the world is quiet.

I think and think,as the clock on the wall ticks,
It  clicks in my,Its been a long time,
I haven’t written about my life,I pick a paper,
A pencil and eraser,to write something light but right,
In the cloudless twinkling night,
Everything is so calm,the world is quiet.

याद।/Her Memories.

वो तो है अपने प्यार के करीब;
एक में ही नहीं उसकी दुनिया में कही;
याद आती है वह आखे;प्यार भरी उसकी बातें;
वो उसका रूठ जाना;फिर पल भर में मान जाना;
वो उसके आसुओ को मेरी हँसी में तब्दील ला देना।

सब एक ख्वाब सा लगता हैं;
न जाने सब अभी यही था;
अब खो गया तारा सा लगता है;
अभी तो वह मेरे करीब था;
और अभी वो मुझे तनहा छोड़ गया है।

सूरज ढल ते ही यह दिल घबराता है;
उसकी याद में बेचैन हो जाता है;
दिन तो कट ते नहीं उसके बिना;
इंतज़ार में हर रोज़ चौखट पे;
गुजरती है मेरी हर शाम।

हर एक परिंदा घर चला जाता है;
बस न जाने वह क्यों नहीं आता है;
यह रातें है जो छेद जाती है;
मन में उसका ख्याल लाती है।

रातों में ख्वाब आता है;
पास नहीं है वह मेरे;
पर एक दोस्त याद आता है;
दिल तो बहल जाता है कुछ वक़्त के लिए लेकिन;
यहाँ कोई उसकी जगह कहा ले पता।

English Translation:

She is the one,who is close to her love;
I am the one who is not in her world;
I remember her eyes,her beautiful voice;
Her anger,which had love hidden inside,
The tears that she cried,come into my mind.

It all felt like a dream for a while;
Now it’s all like a star that is lost;
She was here,so close to me for a while;
Now she has left me and I’m lonely deep inside.

These nights are evil,They haunt me the most;
Her memories feel so much like a ghost;
She might be far away,but is close to my heart,
I console my self,make myself calm for a while,
But this heart is full of her thoughts.

P.S-This is my first ever hindi poem and I’ve written it with a dear friend of mine(who denied to put their name) also it has been written with a boys point of view.


Glitters,colours,lanterns and sparks,
Each time you look out,everything looks so magical,
Every house shining with lights so bright,
It’s the time of the year,
When you buy something precious,
Which is so beautiful like a treasure,
Your house is clean,to welcome the queen,
You pray to her,with flowers and sweets,
To bless upon you,and keep you in glee,
You go outside,and burn many crackers,
Your firework goes up in the sky,
And it’s light ignites,the whole place shines,
It is the time to celebrate the night with lights together,
And wish each other A Happy Diwali.