Your silence is like a roar,
It says everything you couldn’t say,
And yet nobody can hear you out.

Your mind is like a sponge,
It absorbs as it observes too many people,
Maybe this is the reason,
For all your treasons.

Your hate is like a rumor,
Which is untrue and doesn’t exsist,
Yet you’re the one to be blamed and called by many names.

Your body is like a garden of roses,
Beautiful and fragile,
But the thorns may hurt them,
If they tried to hold you.

And your Love,your Love is eternal,
It will be with the one forever and always,
Till your name exists.

Mumbai Locals.

         Since I travel for 2 and a half hours daily in the local train,I decided to write about it.

         The heartbeat of Mumbai…Mumbai Locals.Even though the trains are always running late, they are the fastest mode of transport in the city.
From annoying aunties who talk all the way from Borivali to Churchgate at 6:15 am to the future engineers and doctors studying in the train who think even one hour of extra studying will help them pass the exams; you get to see all kinds of people of the city, in just an hour of travelling.And you will always find a group of ladies who talk non-stop to each other.

         But what kind of people you see depends on which compartment you are travelling in.The Mumbai locals are divided into 2 classes, the 1st class where you pay 10 times more than 2nd class and see quarrels happening in English and more I-Phones and Samsung phones than you would see in an Apple or a Samsung gallery and the 2nd class with people having phones you didn’t even know if it actually existed,but I feel second class is safer to travel at night as there is always a lot of crowd there.
There is also a General coach and a Ladies coach. While females rarely travel in the general coach, perchance if a female gets into the general coach, people give her deadly looks for taking away a seat and ofcourse since they have no other work to do in the train they STARE at her.

         Travelling by trains during the peak hours is the hardest thing in the world.I remember when I had first started travelling in June 2015,I used to feel as anxious as a teenager who has an important exam to give when I used to see the train approaching. Initially it wasn’t easy but as time passed I did manage to become an expert in how to get a seat in the train during rush hour.
But even if you get a seat in the train you won’t be at peace, there will be always be a lady trying to fit on the fourth seat or everytime the train stops at a station there will be people asking you that when are you planning to get your butts off the seat (Where are you getting down?).
I see ladies reading holy books. It reminds me of the movie, “The Burning Train”, where passangers are praying to God to help them escape. Also there are students solving Maths and aunties cutting vegetables  in the train which honestly reflects the meaning of the line, “Mumbai is a busy city”. And people here don’t want to spare a single minute from their busy lives.A few months ago, a lady sitting next to me in her 50’s was listening to a Bhajan (Holy chant) on her earphones and I could hear it as I didn’t have my earphones with me and suddenly she started clapping loudly next to my ears which clearly annoyed me. With no earphones I was surely having a bad day. A few days back another lady started doing the breathe-in and breathe-out yoga exercise by Baba Ramdev, which scared the hell out of the girl sitting next to her, she must have been really busy that she had to do yoga in the train.

         It’s not all bad when you are travelling by trains, it also helps you save your shopping time, from children’s colouring books to novels, from corn to brinjals, handkerchiefs to beautiful blouses and braclets, necklaces and key-chains; you see a variety of things sold in the Indian railways.

Broken Star.

(This is a story that I wrote for Times of  India Newspaper.Though It didn’t win any prize,I wanted to share it with everyone)

It was still dawn when I stepped out of the cab and walked towards the entry gate of the Delhi airport. The early morning February air was pleasantly cold.

Inside the airport, in the waiting area there were much more people than there should have been, the flights were delayed. My flight was supposed to leave at 9:30. I checked the time in my watch; it was 6:50 am. I had reached earlier than I had thought I would, and the flights were now delayed by almost 2 hours.

It crossed my mind that I had enough time to do something, as my flight was rescheduled. So I sat in a corner with a cup of coffee and my best friends, my diary and pen.

It had been a long time since I had written something about my life. My busy schedule did not give me time to write like I used to. I loved writing so for the next couple of hours I was lost amongst words, gathering my scattered thoughts like I always did while writing.

I was travelling to Bengaluru to attend a college friend Varun’s wedding. It had been four years since we graduated from the same college. This wedding was also going to be a reunion of our batch-mates.

But what I did not know was that the reunion was going to begin much ahead of time; in the queue right in front of the airlines’ counter.

I was almost sure it was her. Same height! Same long hair! Same complexion! Curiosity had my eyes glued to her. And then 60-odd seconds later, when she turned, she proved me right. My ex-girlfriend stood two places ahead of me in that queue. We had never met after the college farewell.

“Tara” I whispered under my breath.

Our eyes met, she walked towards me with a smile, it was this smile that made me fall for her, it was this smile that I had once wished to see for the rest of my life, it was this smile that I did not want to see any longer.

“Aakash! How are you?” She said as we shook hands, she was still smiling, she looked happy to see me and it wasn’t awkward for her as it was for me.

Her touch, her voice, her smile, a wave of memories hit me when we me and I felt as though my voice was lost inside me.

“I am good Tara, how are you? “ I said after a long pause.

“Great, what could happen to me?” She said.

Yes what could have happen to her, she had left me, when I loved her, I wanted her love for the rest of my life. But she had her own dreams; she wanted to achieve many great things in her life. All she wanted was to be successful, she was passionate and I loved the thing about her. But in her journey ahead, I wasn’t with her!

“I need to collect my boarding pass.” I told her.

What could I tell her after all these years? That her leaving me had almost killed me?

She waited for me as I collected the boarding pass, and we walked together to board the plane.

We had different seats in the airplane and I was glad about it, I wasn’t ready to face her yet.

As the plane took off, I was taken by the memories of Tara.

We were college best friends, I remember the first time we met, she was funny, focused and fierce, and she was the one who wasn’t afraid to let her emotions out.

It was 16th of July 2008, my diary still has a page full of things written on it, she had come to tell me how beautiful my poem was and this was the first time I had noticed her.

“Oh, by the way, I’m Tara Shetty!” She Said and moved her hand forward for a handshake.

“I’m Aakash Sharma.” I said as we shook hands.

“I know that, I love reading and the way you have written the poem, I’m simply amazed.” She had a spark in her eyes.

“Thank you, would you like to read some more over a cup of coffee? “ I asked her.

“Of course, coffee sounds perfect with reading poems” her voice reflected enthusiasm.

In the cafeteria, I watched her as she read, she had a beautiful voice, my emotions synced in with her voice

And we spoke and spoke after that, it felt as though I knew her since a long time, I discovered that; she liked reading and I liked writing, we both were in love with words.

In a few weeks we grew inseparable, we used to always be with each other.

Engineering would have never been so much fun if she wasn’t with me, we studied together, sat together in the class and mess, she became my best friend, she wasn’t like other girls. She was elegant and good looking and intelligent, there was a long list of guys who had tried to impress her, but she never let them come close to her.

“People think I’m being friends with you because you’re intelligent “I told her one night when we were studying.

“People think too? I thought everyone in engineering colleges is pretty focused on their studies” her sarcasm was hard to beat.

“I thought you were the sky and I was your favourite star in it.” She added this time touching my facing.

“Yes, you are Tara.” I said looking into her eyes.

And eventually after two months, it was her and not me who finally confessed.

“I Love you”, we were sitting in the garden of our college when she had come close to me and whispered in my ear.

I loved her too, my day started with her and ended with her, I dreamt of her every night, her beautiful face came in front of my eyes.

“I Love you too” I said, touching her beautiful face, and kissed her lips, they were soft and fragile.

Three and a half years of college passed by in the wink of an eye,my parents knew about Tara and they were happy after hearing about their son liking someone.

Tara had supported me in every obstacle I faced. It was as though we faced it together.

“She’ll leave after college gets over.” Varun who was sitting beside me in the graduation ceremony said.

“We all will leave college after it’s over Varun, in fact our college is over now, we all have a good job and we can start our own lives now.” I explained.

“She has other plans Aakash, she wants to be a free bird and achieve a lot more, this has been her motto since Day-1 of college, you aren’t important to her.” His voice was serious now and it made me afraid.

“Akash Sharma”, my name was called by the announcer and the conversation with Varun was left incomplete.

But what Varun had said, distracted me and throughout the graduation ceremony I wondered what if Varun’s words turn out to be true?

When I finally met Tara during the farewell party that afternoon, I couldn’t wait.

“You’re leaving me?” my voice was loud.

“There’s no other choice you know that!” she shouted back.

“Why can’t it be?…
What about me?…What about us?…I Love You…Tara, don’t go,” my vision got blurred and I choked!

“It’s all over, it had to be, I have bigger dreams to achieve, I’m leaving for Canada in an hour, I’ll miss you and don’t wait for me Akash, I won’t come back; Goodbye.”
She had no tears in her eyes or guilt in her voice, it felt as if she had no respect for me, all the care she portrayed for me was just a sham, she fooled me, I wasn’t important to her!

Her voice echoed in my ears, every night, I hadn’t eaten or slept for days, it was hard to accept that she had gone, I cried a hundred nights, I had no way to contact her. All our friends were clueless too and she neither responded on social networking sites.

Each time I saw her in my dreams, it felt as though it was real; they were no longer the same, they were nightmares. The agony had grown with time and everything had come to a standstill.

In the middle of the flight, Tara asked the passenger next to me if he could exchange seats with her.

She was the one who spoke,nothing had changed except for the fact that she was healthiernow.She lived a perfect life,with a rich husband and two kids.

“So how’s life? You’re a successful man now!”She asked me.
“Its good” I replied hesitantly.

“Aakash, I know it’s not right.Buy,I’ve missed you every single day since I left for Canada, I cheated on you,He is rich.But, I was wrong, No one can love me like you did and  I wish to have you back in my life.” Her words felt like a hole that was punched in my chest.

She had cheated on me and she wanted to do it again. I had wished to be with her; she betrayed me, She wasn’t a loyal person .But now the tables had turned, the damage had already been done.

I did not want her back, it was wrong to do so. All these years I had made me empty and lonely,but I still knew what was right and what wasn’t.

“I’m now an empty dark sky, Tara and you’re a lost star, even if falling stars grant wishes, your wish will always remain a wish.” that’s all I could tell her.

Our plane had landed and she was bleak and lifeless after listening to me. We walked out of the airport together more like strangers, no dialogue, we had nothing to speak and all through the wedding even though we encountered each other several times, none of us spoke, I was happy to see my friends and go back into the past I had with them, the lovely times of our college.

I was nostalgic when I saw the fireworks show at Varun’s wedding. Up in the sky, colours of the sparkling fireworks were signifying the start of two lives together and the galaxy of stars adding to its elegance. But that one star I had always been searching for was yet invisible, perhaps it was a star that I once loved, and now lost without any regrets.


Take me close,
Close to the place,
The place where I can love,
Myself once again.

Take me close,
Close to my old self,
The one who is fearless,
And fierce.

Take me close,
Close to comfort,
Where I am in the arms,
Of my loved ones.

Take me close,
Close to my fears,
Which put me down,
And leave me out of words.

Take me close,
Close to my demons,
I feel like I’m in the woods,
Unable to escape.

Take me close,
Close to things,
That trouble me,
I want to fight them,
With all my strength.

I came close,
Close to my old diary,
The ink stained pages,
Reminded me of the,
Powers that I carry.


They say we choose who comes into our life,
But sometimes,Just sometimes,
People come into our life because they want to.

And when they do,You realize how happy you can be,
How amazing it is to discover joy in little things,
And how beautiful it is to see the sun
set into the sea,
And letting your self know that someone is constantly there for you,
Even though they’re not present physically,
But a part inside you knows they’ll keep you safe.

It doesn’t matter If they aren’t with us all day long,
A couple of hours,A few days,
Are enough to solace your soul.


A thousand words,A hundred lies,
You’ve said them all so wise,
A hundred hearts,
Were Broken and scattered,
A hundred dreams,
All shattered with time,
A hundred jokes,
Made me laugh,Made me smile,
And a hundred tears,
I’ve cried all night,
A hundred roses,
With thrones,you’ve given me,
A hundred songs,
I’ve heard in your voice,
A hundred streets,
I’ve been scared to walk with you,in my dreams,
A hundred poems,
About you,I didn’t want to write,
A hundred friends,
But none there when I need them,
A hundred moments,A hundred memories,
They all haunt me everytime,
I see you,I look at you,
And in a hundred years,
You’ll be gone,
Buried in the ground,
Without any bounds,
All this while,I’ve been too quiet,
In my speech And my words,
But after a hundred minutes,
I’m the rainbow,over my empty blue sky.


I often wondered what a magicland would look like,
I thought it would exsist in books and movies,
But you came into my life,like a ray of light,
You held my hand tight,we took a few turns in our journey together,
Before we found magicland.

The houses in magicland,light up into colours at night,
The people are like us,they’re in love,
But they say we’re too young,and should not rush up,
We ignore their smart remarks and walk into the woods,
The river that flows by,is the best place to meet you,
We sit on the rock,near the waterfall,
Getting lost into each other’s hearts.

You hug me everytime we meet,
I know you’ll never leave me,I can tell how you feel,
A part of me never thought that I’d be in love,
And we’d be in this magicland.

But,in this magicland,We both lost control,
And you left me all alone,I realized;
What I had when you were mine,
But It’s too late to get you back,
Because I have woken up from my dream now,
And you are in heaven asleep now.

What It Is Meant For.

Eyes were meant to see,They also
make your vision blur,and
your mind slur if you see too
much,so closely,and mouth was
made for you to speak,it could
put you in trouble,if you spoke
the truth,and hands were meant
to hold people and things you loved,
they could also make you break them
with sanity,and the ears,they were
meant to hear beautiful things,they
could also break your heart,if you listen to people too much,and the heart,it was meant to beat and
keep you alive,but it was also made
to love,and love isn’t beautiful as it seems,It’s a scary thing that could make your heart stop eventually,but your love?
Your love stays with me when you can’t.

Simple Short Stories.

Motivational Skills:

“I am angry on you.”He said.
“But why?”she asked.
“Because,you stopped writing Idiot.”he said with a smile.
How wrong was she about his MOTIVATIONAL SKILLS.


“He is creepy,he came outside college.”Said her friend
“It made me realize,he can do anything to get me,I Love Him.”She said.
She had finally CONFESSED to herself.


Hidden secrets,endless talks;
He loved her,but never said;
It wasn’t lack of guts,It was his FEAR of losing a true friend.


“What has hit you?”He asked her,when he wasn’t able to find his best friend in her.
The TRUTH“She replied.
Some things when said we’re the best.


“I miss you.”
“I’ll be here soon.”said his heart to her.
Who said you need to speak when you want to share your FEELINGS.


My blog turns one year old today!

It’s such a happy feeling,Being the person who only read books and books all day,I’m amused at my lazy self,for never giving up on writing.I never really thought I could get past reading books,but when I discoverd WordPress,I craved to write something good.

In this one year,my life has seen so many changes which reflects on my blog.Yes,You write about your life,the things you see in your life,the ideas that come in your mind,and then you write them on a paper.

Thankyou to my critic,my Best friend,who had read everything what I have written and approved my writings,before I publish them.Apart from correcting my spellings,she hasn’t ever disapproved of any of my blog.

And Thankyou to all my readers,who read my posts and send me so much of appreciation,it’s such a beautiful feeling when people relate to what I write.I really wish to hug everyone who takes out their time to read my posts and comment on it. 🙂

When I first came across WordPress,I thought I could read novels,but there was better than that,it was creativity.I saw minds and life’s of so many people which was there in a single website.Maybe that’s how I discoverd I could write too.

But,that’s not simple head girl who discoverd WordPress.It was Drishti.

Now let’s talk about the journey it has been for simpleheadgirl:

Trying to be the tech savy person she wasn’t a year ago,her antic computer has deleted many of her posts after she saved them and her phone has auto corrected and spoiled many of spellings.(You have to go through this)

Being the passive sagitarian she is.She has always been different,observing too many strangers,dreaming out of imaginations,she is often found looking at stars and being lost in the beauty of its glitter and sparks.

She has written many posts about love,there is so much of love to give and receive is what she thinks.She always does what she loves,and is in love with what she is doing.


She is a crazy person,Who makes her best friend read so many poems and then posts only one of them,Thanks Simi for talking my tantrums and not ever complaining,I love you.


She thinks too much,no wait.She over thinks and over thinks,before writing and after writing.She has a constant fear that people will judge her.And this keeps her away from writing most of the time.

But the best part is when she receives all your lovely comments which encourage her so much,and people who like what she has been writing brings a smile to ger face.She loves reading and is now a WordPress addict as she spends most of her time reading everyone’s posts.

She did a happy dance when each one of these came to her notification box.





It’s been a year’s journey for the girl who has a simple head,who thinks everything when expressed in a simple way makes it beautiful and easy to understand.


And more over,she has no hair color on her head,no silver hair,maybe that is why she is a simple head. 🙂